The following Sanborn County 4-H Shooting Sports members have
qualified for the 2023 State 4-H Shoot in April. 

Sanborn County 4-H Shooting Sports recorded an outstanding year in 2023, with 17 new shooters, numerous county records set, and 55 shooters qualifying for the State Shoot in 134 events.

The Shooting Sports program offers multiple disciplines in guns and archery. The gun disciplines include BB Gun (BB), Air Pistol (AP), Air Rifle (AR), .22 CMP Rifle (22CMP), .22 3-Position Rifle (22-3P), .22 Pistol (22P). Archery disciplines include Compound Bow Without Sights (CWOS), Compound Without Sights with Release (CWOS-R), Compound With Sights (CWS), Compound With Sights with Release (CWS-R), Recurve Bow With Sights (RWS), Recurve Without Sights (RWOS), and Compound Open (C-Open).

In many of the disciplines there are different requirements, positions and/or shooting distances depending on the age level.

Beginner participants, ages 8-10
Adalie Enfield BB Gun
Nolan Enfield BB Gun
Wyatt Ettswold BB Gun, Air Pistol, Air Rifle, CWOSR, CWSR
Camdyn Fink BB Gun, Air Pistol
Jocelyn Grassel CWOSR
Paul Hansen BB Gun, Air Pistol
Hannah Hinker BB Gun, Air Pistol
Levi Hinker BB Gun, Air Pistol, Air Rifle
Addison Kilcoin BB Gun, CWSR
Kash Kilcoin BB Gun, Air Pistol, RWOS, CWSR
Ethan McGuire BB Gun, Air Rifle
Tyus Moody BB Gun, Air Pistol
Adriana Moran CWSR
Yael Munoz-Martinez BB Gun, Air Pistol
Olivia Peterson BB Gun
Scarlett Radke BB Gun, Air Pistol
Baylee Rostyne BB Gun, CWSR
Coletan Schlicht BB Gun
Summer Senska BB Gun, CWOSR
Harper Torgerson BB Gun, Air Pistol
Cade Wilson BB Gun, CWSR
Kelly Wilson - CWSR
Lawson Zoss - BB Gun

Junior participants, ages 11-13:
Alex Anderson Air Rifle, Air Pistol, 22 Pistol, 22 CMP
Paige Anderson BB Gun, Air Pistol, 22 Pistol, CWSR
George Broer BB Gun, Air Pistol
Ty Burkel BB Gun, Air Pistol, Air Rifle
Waverley Hagman CWOSR, CWSR
Sophie Kelly BB Gun, Air Pistol
Timothy Kelly BB Gun, Air Pistol
Hayden Mees 22 CMP, CWSR, C-Open
Carson Miller BB Gun, Air Pistol
Tanse Moody BB Gun, Air Pistol, Air Rifle, CWSR, RWOS, RWS
SJ Schlicht BB Gun
Gavin Scofield Air Pistol, Air Rifle
Shiloh Senska BB Gun, Air Pistol, CWSR, CWOSR

Senior participants, ages 14-18:
Devyn Brooks Air Rifle, 22 CMP, CWSR
Lane Burkel BB Gun, Air Pistol, Air Rifle
Carter Christian CWSR, CWOSR, CWOS, C-Open
Parker Ettswold BB Gun, Air Rifle, CWSR
Eli Fry BB Gun, Air Pistol, CWSR
Westin Hagman CWOSR, CWSR, C-Open
Whitney Hagman CWSR, CWOS, CWOSR
Samuel Hansen BB Gun, Air Pistol, Air Rifle, RWS
Caleb Kneen CWSR, RWOS
Toby Kneen CWSR, RWOS, RWS
Carver Lindsey - BB Gun
Avery Miller BB Gun
Teagen Moody CWSR, 22 Pistol
Raily Munoz-Martinez BB Gun
Alex Schelske - BB Gun, Air Pistol, Air Rifle, 22-3P, 22CMP
Dana Schelske Air Rifle, 22-3P, 22CMP
Cole Wilson CWSR
Layton Zoss - BB Gun


Audra Scheel, 4-H/Youth Advisor
Sherryl Rankin, Secretary

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