Sanborn County 4-H Leaders Association

The mission of the Sanborn County Leaders Association is to facilitate the educational and social opportunities of 4-H club work to every boy and girl of 4-H age in Sanborn County.  The current officers are President
Stacy Zoss, Vice President Steve Zoss, Secretary Paula Linke, and Co-Treasurers Velma Kneen and Tammy Kneen.  Other leaders in Sanborn County are Janet Maeschen, Art & Audrey Kneen, Robert Kneen, Daniel Kneen, Brooke King, 
Sherryl Rankin, Ivy Senska, Riley Zoss-Littau, Kip Littau, Roxann Larson, Denny & Jen Fouberg, Scott & Sarah Senska, Jeff Hagman, Brian Pauly, Eric Kneen, Tammy Kneen, Mark Schelske, Kate Schelske and Lisa Snedeker.

If you are interested in becoming a leader, please contact the Extension office at 796-4380 for the forms to complete.  Annual dues are $3 each.


Audra Scheel, 4-H/Youth Advisor
Sherryl Rankin, Secretary

 Phone: (605) 796-4380

PO Box 397
Woonsocket SD  57385-0397


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