Sanborn County 4-H Leaders Association

The mission of the Sanborn County Leaders Association is to facilitate the educational and social opportunities of 4-H club work to every boy and girl of 4-H age in Sanborn County.  The current officers are President
Stacy Zoss, Vice President Steve Zoss, Secretary Paula Linke, and Co-Treasurers Velma Kneen and Tammy Kneen.  Other leaders in Sanborn County are Janet Maeschen, Art & Audrey Kneen, Robert Kneen, Daniel Kneen, Brooke King, 
Sherryl Rankin, Ivy Senska, Laura Conrad, Riley Zoss, Roxann Larson, Jen Sandness, Scott & Sarah Senska, Jeff Hagman, Brian Pauly, Jonathan Linke, Henry Linke, Eric Kneen, Tammy Kneen, Sarah Burkel, Joel Rassel, Tracy Moody, Mark Schelske, Kate Schelske and Lisa Snedeker.

If you are interested in becoming a leader, please contact the Extension office at 796-4380 for the forms to complete.  Annual dues are $3 each.


Audra Scheel, 4-H/Youth Advisor
Sherryl Rankin, Secretary

 Phone: (605) 796-4380

PO Box 397
Woonsocket SD  57385-0397


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