The total $ received from our sponsors over the past year was over $11500.   It is with great appreciation that we recognize these businesses and individuals, as without their support of the 4-H program we would not be able to host quality 4-H programs and we would not be able to have give out multiple awards to our deserving youth.  When you see these people or patronize their businesses please take the time to thank them for supporting the Sanborn County 4-H Program.


As the 2019-2020 4-H year comes to an end and a new one begins, Sanborn County 4-H annually holds two events to acknowledge the 4-Hers many achievements, the Recognition Event and Shooting Sports Award Night.  Due to the current COVID situation, it was decided to combine the two events and make some changes this year in honoring our youth.  4-Hers were invited to the 4-H Building in Forestburg on Sunday, November 8th at staggered times starting at 4:00 p.m. to pick up their awards, record books and premium money.  A green backdrop was set up allowing the 4-Hers to take pictures with their awards.  The following 4-Hers were recognized for their accomplishments.


Cloverbud: Whitney Adams, Wiley Bracha, Corbyn Broer, Chris Burkel, Tyanne Eddy, Beau

Enfield, Vada Enfield, Henry Feistner, Wyatt Ettswold, Garret Goral, Landon Hoffman, Kahle

Johnson, Jason Larson, Maggie Meier, Ridley Miller, Summer Senska, Adalyn Tucker, Brody

Uecker, Aurelia White, Cade Wilson, Kelly Wilson, Lawson Zoss


1st year award pin:  Kaylee Adams, Paige Anderson, Sury Bechen, Olivia Conrad, Morgan Hoffman, Anna Hunter, Trevor Johnson, Timothy Kelly, Chaz Larson, Oaklyn Plamp, Gavin Scofield, Ezra Schultz

Bronze Award (2nd year and beyond):  Ty Burkel, Emmitt Feistner, Ramsey Fouberg, Sophie Kelly, Brooklyn Larson, Avery Miller, Memphis Moody, Cain Zoss 

Silver Award (3rd year  and beyond):  Alex Anderson, Tyson Eddy, Parker Ettswold, Hudson Fouberg, Shiloh Senska, McKenzie Uecker, Cole Wilson

Gold Award (4th year  & beyond):  Miley Adams, Shay Bechen, Teagen Moody, Cannon Zoss  

5th Year 4-H memberHope Baysinger, Lane Burkel, Victoria Hoffman, Bryce Larson, Sutton Senska, Payton Uecker

10th Year 4-H member:  Xavier Baysinger, Megan Linke  


4-H Varsity Letters:  Hope Baysinger, Lane Burkel, Tyson Eddy, Victoria Hoffman, Bryce Larson, Luke Larson, Londyn Metzger, Aubrey Moody, Clay Moody, Elisha Schultz, Sutton Senska, Payton Uecker,

Project Medals:   

  • Hope Baysinger ~ Horticulture
  • Xavier Baysinger ~ Wood Science
  • Shay Bechen ~ Dogs, Foods & Nutrition, Rabbit, Shooting Sports, Visual Arts
  • Lane Burkel ~ Electrical
  • Hudson Fouberg ~ Horse
  • Cooper Goldammer ~ Swine
  • Victoria Hoffman ~ Foods & Nutrition
  • Teagen Moody ~ Beef, Home Environment
  • Evan Ohlrogge ~ Shooting Sports
  • Shiloh Senska ~ Public Speaking, Sheep
  • McKenzie Uecker ~ Public Speaking
  • Payton Uecker ~ Home Environment, Public Speaking, Visual Arts
  • Delaney Zoss ~ Goat, Rabbit

4-H Rodeo:  Tanner Christian, Hudson Fouberg, Ramsey Fouberg, Aubrey Moody, Madi Moody, Mason Moody, Tater Moody, Teya Moody, Trey Moody, Cayden Slykhuis, Delaney Zoss, Layton Zoss

State 4-H Rodeo Finals:

Aubrey Moody: Grand Champion Junior Girls Flag Race (won saddle)

Madi Moody: 2nd place Senior Girls Poles 1st Go

Mason Moody: 6th place Senior Boys Bull Riding ~ 2nd Go; 5th place Senior Team Roping ~ 2nd Go

Tater Moody and Cayden Slykhuis:  4th Place Senior Team Roping in Average (won belt buckles)

Layton Zoss: 4th Place Junior Boys Cattle Riding ~ 1st Go

All Around Horse Awards:

  • All Around Senior:  Bailey Feistner
  • All Around Junior:  Delaney Zoss
  • All Around Beginner:  Emmitt Feistner

State 4-H Horse Show: 
  • Bailey Feistner:  Grand Champion Senior Barrel Racing, Reserve Champion Senior Reining, 5th Place Overall Senior Ranch Riding, Grand Champion Senior Horse Demonstration/Public Speaking
  • Avery Miller:  4th Place Overall Junior Ranch Riding
  • Cannon Zoss:  Reserve Champion Junior Reining
  • Delaney Zoss:  Grand Champion Junior Reining, Grand Champion Junior Horse Demonstration/Public Speaking

County Livestock Grand Champions:

Oaklyn Plamp (Breeding Beef), Oaklyn Plamp (Market Beef), Bailey Feistner (Companion Animal), Dana Schelske (Dairy), Avery Miller (Dog), Delaney Zoss (Breeding Meat Goat), Ellie Evans (Market Meat Goat), Hope Baysinger (Commercial Poultry), Bailey Feistner (Individual Purebred Poultry), Cain Zoss (Rabbit), Shiloh Senska (Breeding Ewe), Bailey Feistner (Breeding Ram), Ellie Evans (Market Sheep), Emmitt Feistner (Breeding Swine), Oaklyn Plamp (Market Swine)

County Livestock Reserve Champions:

Teagen Moody (Breeding Beef), Aubrey Senska (Market Beef), Miley Adams (Companion Animal), Amber Schelske (Dairy), Shay Bechen (Dog), Emmitt Feistner (Breeding Meat Goat), Delaney Zoss (Market Meat Goat), Hope Baysinger (Commercial Poultry), Hope Baysinger (Individual Purebred Poultry), Delaney Zoss (Rabbit), Xavier Baysinger (Breeding Ewe), Ty Burkel (Breeding Ram), Cannon Zoss (Market Sheep), Hope Baysinger (Breeding Swine), Oaklyn Plamp (Market Swine)                       

Grand Champion Showmanship:

  • Beef:  Beginner Oaklyn Plamp, Junior Hudson Fouberg, Senior Aubrey Senska
  • Cat:  Beginner - Ramsey Fouberg, Junior - Avery Miller, Senior - Bailey Feistner
  • Dairy:  Junior - Alex Schelske, Senior - Dana Schelske
  • Dog:  Beginner Anna Hunter, Junior Avery Miller, Senior Henry Hunter
  • Goat:  Beginner Emmitt Feistner, Junior Delaney Zoss, Senior Ellie Evans
  • Horse:  Beginner Emmitt Feistner, Junior Delaney Zoss, Senior Bailey Feistner
  • Poultry:  Beginner Emmitt Feistner, Junior Hope Baysinger, Senior Xavier Baysinger
  • Rabbit:  Beginner Cain Zoss, Junior Delaney Zoss
  • Sheep:  Beginner Shiloh Senska, Junior Delaney Zoss, Senior Ellie Evans
  • Swine:  Beginner Oaklyn Plamp, Junior Shay Bechen, Senior Cooper Goldammer    

Reserve Champion Showmanship:

  • Beef:  Beginner Ramsey Fouberg, Junior Alexa Goertz
  • Cat:  Junior Hudson Fouberg
  • Dairy:  Senior - Amber Schelske
  • Dog:  Beginner Sury Bechen, Junior Miley Adams
  • Goat:  Junior Sutton Senska
  • Horse:  Beginner Ramsey Fouberg, Junior Cannon Zoss, Senior Charles Hunter
  • Poultry:  Beginner Ty Burkel, Junior Luke Larson, Senior Bailey Feistner
  • Rabbit:  Beginner Sury Bechen, Junior Cannon Zoss
  • Sheep:  Beginner Ty Burkel, Junior Hope Baysinger, Senior Bailey Feistner
  • Swine:  Beginner Sury Bechen, Junior Hope Baysinger

State Fair Livestock Showmanship winners:

  • 4th Place Junior Beef Showmanship:  Teagen Moody
  • Grand Champion Beginner Companion Animal Display Exhibit: Emmitt Feistner
  • Grand Champion Junior Kitten/Cat Showmanship: Avery Miller
  • Grand Champion Senior Kitten/Cat Showmanship: Bailey Feistner
  • Grand Champion Senior Companion Animal Live Exhibit: Bailey Feistner
  • Grand Champion Junior Dog Showmanship: Avery Miller
  • 3rd place Junior Poultry Showmanship:  Hope Baysinger              
  • 5th Place Senior Poultry Showmanship: Xavier Baysinger            
  • 3rd Place Senior Poultry Showmanship: Bailey Feistner    

State Fair Livestock Champion winners:

  • Reserve Champion Angus Heifer ~ Oaklyn Plamp 
  • Reserve Champion in Junior Dog Obedience ~ Avery Miller
  • Grand Champion Grade Holstein Cow ~ Alex Schelske                  
  • Reserve Champion Grade Holstein Cow ~ Amber Schelske           
  • Reserve Division III Wether ~ Ellie Evans              
  • Reserve Champion American Poultry: Hope Baysinger  
  • Reserve Champion Commercial Brown Egg: Xavier Baysinger  
  • 3rd Place Overall Poultry; Champion Commercial Poultry; Grand Champion Commercial White Egg: Xavier Baysinger
  • Reserve Champion Any Other Standard Breed: Bailey Feistner
  • Grand Champion Rose Comb Clean-Legged Bantam: Bailey Feistner
  • Polish Best of Breed ~ Jessie Krueger

Top Electrical Award:  Ty Burkel

County Best of Show:

  • Clothing:  Brooklyn Larson   
  • Electrical:  Ty Burkel            
  • Food Preservation:  Alexis Kelly, Brooklyn Larson 
  • Home Environment:  Brooklyn Larson, Acaiya Schultz                  
  • Horticulture:  Megan Linke               
  • Miscellaneous:  Evan Ohlrogge, Sutton Senska                    
  • Photography:  Hudson Fouberg, Payton Uecker                   
  • Visual Arts:  Emily Ohlrogge, Westen White                                   

Agriculture Sweepstakes:  Beginner - Emmitt Feistner; Junior - Hope Baysinger; Senior - Bailey Feistner

Family and Consumer Science Sweepstakes:  Beginner Brooklyn Larson; Junior Miley Adams; Senior Alexis Kelly

Personal Development Sweepstakes:  Beginner Cain Zoss; Junior Hudson Fouberg; Senior Megan Linke

Certificates of Recognition for judging at State Fair/State Livestock Contest: Cain Zoss, Hope Baysinger, Cannon Zoss, Delaney Zoss, Xavier Baysinger, Bailey Feistner, Alexis Kelly.

Beginner Livestock Skill-a-thon:  Cain Zoss 5th place

Junior Poultry Judging:  Hope Baysinger 5th place

Senior Poultry Judging:  Bailey Feistner Reserve Champion, Xavier Baysinger 5th place


State Fair/State Horse Show Public Presentation (Purple Ribbons):  Bailey Feistner (Grand Champion Senior Horse Demonstration/Public Speaking), Megan Linke, Acaiya Schultz. Delaney Zoss (Grand Champion Junior Horse Demonstration/Public Speaking blue ribbon)

County Public Presentations Contest:  Miley Adams, Hope Baysinger, Xavier Baysinger, Shay Bechen, Lane Burkel, Ty Burkel, Bailey Feistner, Tori Hoffman (2), Brady Larson, Brooklyn Larson, Bryce Larson, Chaz Larson, Luke Larson, Megan Linke, Avery Miller, Memphis Moody, Teagen Moody, Acaiya Schultz, Shiloh Senska, Sutton Senska, McKenzie Uecker, Payton Uecker, Delaney Zoss.

County Special Foods Contest:  Kaylee Adams, Miley Adams, Shay Bechen, Sury Bechen, Ramsey Fouberg, Victoria Hoffman, Brooklyn Larson, Megan Linke, Isaiah Schultz.

State Fair Fashion Revue (Purple Ribbon):  Ashlee Hanson           

County Fashion Revue Contest:  Kaylee Adams (2), Miley Adams (2), Sury Bechen (2), Lane Burkel (2), Ty Burkel (2), Hudson Fouberg, Ramsey Fouberg, Ashlee Hanson, Alexis Kelly (3), Sophie Kelly (3), Timothy Kelly (2), Brooklyn Larson (2), Delaney Zoss.

Dakotaland Federal Credit Union Financial Award:  Megan Linke.

County Conservation Award:  Chaz Larson.

County 4-H Citizenship Award:  Xavier Baysinger.

Sanborn County 4-H Academic Scholarships:  Evan Ohlrogge, Madison Moody, Katie Schmit.

2020 4-H Graduates:  Madison Moody, Tater Moody, Evan Ohlrogge, Amber Schelske, Katie Schmit, Cayden Slykhuis, Brooklyn Swenson, Taryn Ziebart.

Club Gold Seals: Town N Kountry Kids Blue Group and Town N Kountry Kids Red Group.

Leaders Awards

  • 5 Year Leader: Jonathan Linke, Jennifer Sandness, Steve Zoss
  • 10 Year Leader:  Brooke King, Lisa Snedeker
  • 20 year Leader:  Art Kneen

Outstanding Contribution to 4-H Award:  J.P. Skelly


Certificates of participation were awarded to:


  • Kaylee Adams:   BB Gun
  • Alex Anderson:  Air Rifle, BB Gun
  • Paige Anderson:  Air Pistol, BB Gun
  • Sury Bechen:  BB Gun
  • Barrett Brenner:  Air Rifle, BB Gun
  • George Broer :  Air Pistol, BB Gun
  • Ty Burkel:  Air Pistol, BB Gun
  • Ramsey Fouberg:  CWS-R
  • Waverley Hagman:  CWS-R
  • Anna Hunter:  BB Gun
  • Trevor Johnson:  BB Gun
  • Sophie Kelly:  Air Pistol, BB Gun
  • Timothy Kelly:  BB Gun
  • Brooklyn Larson:  Air Pistol, BB Gun
  • Memphis Moody:  BB Gun
  • Tanse Moody:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle, BB Gun
  • Maren Peterson:  BB Gun
  • Shiloh Senska:  BB Gun, CWS-R, RWOS
  • Shiloh Terkildsen:  BB Gun
  • Westin White:  Air Pistol, BB Gun
  • Cole Wilson:  BB Gun, CWS-R


  • Shay Bechen:  BB Gun
  • Devyn Brooks:  Air Rifle, BB Gun, 22 CMP
  • Carter Christian:  C-Open, CWOS, CWOS-R, CWS, CWS-R, RWOS, RWS
  • Evan Easton:  BB Gun, CWS-R
  • Parker Ettswold:  Air Rifle, BB Gun, CWS-R
  • Hudson Fouberg:  CWS-R
  • Jalyn Grassel:  BB Gun
  • Rylan Grassel:  Air Rifle, BB Gun, CWS
  • Whitney Hagman:  CWS-R
  • Caleb Kneen:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle, BB Gun, CWS, CWS-R, RWOS, RWS
  • Riley Kneen:  CWOS-R, CWS-R
  • Sebastian Kotilinek:  Air Pistol, BB Gun
  • Jessie Krueger:  Air Pistol
  • Teagen Moody:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle, BB Gun
  • Ian Octavo:  Air Pistol
  • Camden Rassel:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle, CWS-R, RWS
  • Sydney Richardson:  CWS-R
  • Alex Schelske:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle, BB Gun, 22 CMP, 22 Pistol 3-P
  • Sutton Senska:  Air Pistol, CWS-R, RWOS
  • Kyla Terkildsen:  Air Pistol, BB Gun, CWS-R
  • Evan Voneye:  CWS-R


  • Dilyn Brooks:  Air Rifle, BB Gun, 22 CMP
  • Lane Burkel:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle, BB Gun, 22 CMP
  • Shania Cornelius:  CWS-R
  • Ellie Evans:  Air Pistol
  • Westin Hagman:  CWOS-R, CWS-R
  • Charles Hunter:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle
  • Alexis Kelly:  BB Gun
  • Harley Kneen:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle, BB Gun, CWS-R
  • Toby Kneen:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle, BB Gun, CWS-R, RWOS
  • Megan Linke:  Air Rifle, BB Gun
  • Brody Miiller:  CWS-R
  • Haeleigh Mulder:  Air Pistol
  • Emily Ohlrogge:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle
  • Evan Ohlrogge:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle
  • Sidney Salas:  Air Pistol
  • Kenzee Schafer:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle 
  • Amber Schelske:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle, BB Gun, 22 Pistol 3-P, 22 Rifle 3-P, 22 CMP
  • Dana Schelske:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle, BB Gun, 22 Pistol 3-P, 22 Rifle 3-P, 22 CMP
  • Brooklyn Swenson:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle
  • Hannah Terkildsen:  Air Pistol, BB Gun, CWS-R

Shooting Sports 4-H Varsity Letters: Carter Christian, Tanner Christian, Rylan Grassel, Whitney Hagman, Sebastian Kotilinek, Camden Rassel.

Trophies and awards were handed out for Match 1, Match 2 and the County Shoot, all which have been previously published.

New Shooting Sports County Records:  Kenzee Schaefer (Senior Air Pistol Girls), Dana Schelske (Senior Air Rifle Girls), Devyn Brooks (Junior Air Rifle Boys), Dilyn Brooks (22 Rifle CMP with Scope Girls) and Carter Christian (Archery Compound with Sights).

2020 Shooting Sports Sportsman Award:  Alexis Kelly

**SPECIAL NOTE - To qualify for county sponsored awards, 4-H members must submit a completed 4-H Record Book by October 1.


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