Sanborn County 4-H Shooting Sports recorded an amazing year in 2021, with over 20 new shooters, numerous county records set, and 54 shooters qualifying for the State Shoot in 125 events. 

     The Shooting Sports program offers multiple disciplines in guns and archery.  The gun disciplines include BB Gun (BB), Air Pistol (AP), Air Rifle (AR), .22 CMP Rifle (22CMP), .22 3-Position Rifle (22-3P), .22 Pistol (22P).  Archery disciplines include Compound Bow Without Sights (CWOS), Compound Without Sights with Release (CWOS-R), Compound With Sights (CWS), Compound With Sights with Release (CWS-R), Recurve Bow With Sights (RWS), Recurve Without Sights (RWOS), and Compound Open (C-Open).

     The goals of the Sanborn County 4-H Shooting Sports program include teaching safety, improving the  shooting skills of members in all disciplines, developing confidence in shooting, offering competitive opportunities and developing a love for a lifetime recreational sport of hunting.

     As part of the competitive opportunity, shooters compete against each other at the county level in their age group in each discipline.  The County Shoot placings were decided over the county match shoots from January through April.  The top scores from the match shoots were used to determine the first, second and third place finishes.

     Results were as follows:  BB Gun Senior:  1st-Dana Schelske-381.13, 2nd-Dilyn Brooks-378.21, 3rd-Lane Burkel-374.11; BB Gun Junior:  1st-Cole Wilson-348.08, 2nd-Samuel Hansen-345.06, 3rd-Alex Anderson-341.03; BB Gun Beginner: 1st-Levi Hinker-341.09, 2nd-Tanse Moody 331.05, 3rd-Baylee Rostyne-330.05.

     Air Pistol Senior: 1st-Harley Kneen-180.03, 2nd-Kenzee Schafer-178.03, 3rd-Zachary Jones-173.02; Air Pistol Junior:  1st-Ian Octavo-146.03, 2nd-Samuel Hansen-140.0, 3rd-Shiloh Senska-137.01; Air Pistol Beginner:  1st-George Broer-174.01, 2nd-Tanse Moody-163.0, 3rd-Paige Anderson-161.01.

Air Rifle Senior: 1st-Dana Schelske-262.07, 2nd-Dilyn Brooks-256.04, 3rd-Kenzee Schafer-249.04; Air Rifle Junior: 1st-Alex Anderson-198.02, 2nd-Teagen Moody-196.01, 3rd-Samuel Hansen-194.0; Air Rifle Beginner: 1st-Tanse Moody-170.01, 2nd-Levi Hinker-143.0

     22 3-P Rifle Senior:  1st-Alex Schelske-254.05, 2nd-Dilyn Brooks-253.05, 3rd-Dana Schelske-242.01.

     22 CMP with Sights Senior: 1st-Dilyn Brooks-577.16, 2nd-Alex Schelske-542.10, 3rd-Dana Schelske-521.09.

     22 Pistol Senior:  1st-Tie-Dana Schelske-228.01 and Zachary Jones-228.01, 2nd-Tie-Kenzee Schafer-212.01 and Alex Schelske-212.01, 3rd-Harley Kneen-175.0.

     Archery CWS Junior:  1st-Rylan Grassel-102.0; Archery CWS Beginner: 1st-Shiloh Terkildsen-112.05, 2nd-Tanse Moody-105.04.

     Archery CWS-R Senior:  1st-Westin Hagman-149.13, 2nd-Toby Kneen-146.06, 3rd-Carter Christian-140.08; Archery CWS-R Junior:  1st-Riley Kneen-147.14, 2nd-Whitney Hagman-143.07, Rylan Grassel-140.10; Archery CWS-R Beginner:  1st-Tanse Moody-122.03, 2nd-Kelly Wilson-118.01, 3rd-Ramsey Fouberg.

   Archery CWOS Junior:  1st-Tyson Eddy-94.0.

   Archery CWOS-R Senior:  1st-Carter Christian-82.01; Archery CWOS-R Junior: 1st-Teagen Moody-119.02, 2nd-Rylan Grassel-112.01. 

   Archery RWOS Junior: 1st-Riley Kneen-95.01, 2nd-Shiloh Senska-80.0, 3rd-Caleb Kneen-76.0.

   Archery RWS Senior:  1st-Toby Kneen-95.01. Archery RWS Junior: 1st-Camden Rassel-75.01.

   Sanborn County shooters set seven new county records over the season.

Senior BB Gun Girls – Dana Schelske 381.13

Senior Air Pistol Boys – Harley Kneen 180.03

Senior Air Rifle Girls – Dana Schelske 262.07

22 Rifle CMP With Scope Girls – Dilyn Brooks 577.16

22 Rifle CMP With No Scope Girls – Kenzee Schafer 480.02

22 Pistol Girls – Dana Schelske 244.01

Archery records are tracked for scores shot at the county level and state shoot level. Westin Hagman set records for both this year.

Archery CWS-R County – Westin Hagman 149.13

Archery CWS-R State Shoot – Westin Hagman 148.12

     The State 4-H Shoot was held April 23-25 in the Pierre and Ft. Pierre area with over 2400 entries, 1500 athletes, 17 disciplines, and 8 separate ranges. Shooters were broken down into age groups and by discipline and type of equipment. The South Dakota State 4-H Shoot is one of the largest youth shooting events in the nation.

     Sanborn County had 48 of their 54 state-qualified youth choose to compete at the State Shoot with 102 entries in the numerous disciplines.  

     Individual placings in Archery at the State Shoot were as follows:  Shiloh Terkildsen – Beginner – CWS fourth with 117.02; Westin Hagman - Senior – CWS-R third with 148.12 (purple); Rylan Grassel – Junior – CWOS fourth with 86.02; Carter Christian – Senior – CWOS third with 82.0; Toby Kneen – Senior – RWS fourth with 60; and Caleb Kneen – Senior – RWOS fifth with 88.0.

     Individual placings in Guns at the State Shoot were as follows:  Dilyn Brooks – Senior – BB Gun – fourth with 378.14 (purple); George Broer – Beginner – Air Pistol Slow Fire fifth with 166.01 (purple); Kenzee Schafer – Senior – Air Pistol Slow Fire first with 173.0 (purple) and 22 CMP Rifle open sights fifth with 480.02; Zachary Jones – Senior – Air Pistol Slow Fire fifth with 165.01 (purple) and Air Pistol Rapid Fire first with 78.01 (purple); Tanse Moody – Beginner – Air Pistol Rapid Fire second with 76.01 (purple); and Eli Fry – Junior – Air Pistol Rapid Fire fifth with 72.01.

          As a team, the Senior CWS-R Archery team received a purple and placed fourth with Westin Hagman, Carter Christian, Shania Cornelius and Toby Kneen.  The Senior BB Gun team  took fifth place with Dilyn Brooks, Lane Burkel and Devyn Brooks.  The Beginner Air Pistol team placed third with George Broer, Tanse Moody, Paige Anderson and Levi Hinker, while the Senior Air Pistol team captured first place and a purple ribbon with Kenzee Schafer, Harley Kneen, Zachary Jones and Dana Schelske.  The Senior 22 Rifle 3-P team took fourth place with Alex Schelske, Dilyn Brooks, Dana Schelske and Devyn Brooks.  This same group of Senior shooters placed fourth as a team in 22 Rifle CMP and received a purple ribbon.  The Senior 22 Pistol team received fourth with Dana Schelske, Zachary Jones, Alex Schelske and Kenzee Schafer.

     Along with placing in the top five, we had a number of shooters who placed in the top percentage of their discipline and received a purple ribbon indicating a very competitive score, so Sanborn County 4-H was represented well with the following additional results:

     Senior Archery CWS-R:  Carter Christian 139.11

     Senior Archery Compound-Open:  Westin Hagman 146.11.

     Beginner BB Gun:  Baylee Rostyne 340.06 and George Broer 340.05

     Beginner Air Pistol Slow Fire:  Tanse Moody 157.0 and SJ St. John 155.01

     Senior Air Pistol Slow Fire:  Harley Kneen 162.0, Alex Schelske 153.01, Lane Burkel 152.01, Dana Schelske 145.0 and Ellie Evans 144.0

     Senior Air Pistol Rapid Fire:  Harley Kneen 74.0 and Kenzee Schafer 73.01

     Senior 22 CMP Rifle with scope:  Alex Schelske 563.02, Dilyn Brooks 560.11, Dana Schelske 535.12, Devyn Brooks 520.04

     County shoot scores are submitted at the state level as “Match” scores to qualify for State Shoot, as well as compete with hundreds of scores submitted by other counties across the state.

     In Match 1 individual state competition, Sanborn County had the following results:  Tanse Moody fifth in Beginner CWS 105.04, Westin Hagman fourth in Senior CWS-R 147.17, Rylan Grassel first in Junior CWOS-R112.01, Carter Christian third in Senior CWOS-R 82.01, Toby Kneen second in Senior RWS 95.01, Riley Kneen first in Senior RWOS 93.03, George Broer third in Beginner Air Pistol 166.02, Tanse Moody fourth in Beginner Air Pistol 163.0, Kenzee Schafer first in Senior Air Pistol 178.03, and Harley Kneen third in Senior Air Pistol 168.0.  In the Match 1 team competition, the Junior CWS-R team took third place with Rylan Grassel, Tyson Eddy and Riley Kneen and the Senior CWS-R team took third place with Westin Hagman, Toby Kneen and Caleb Kneen.  The Senior BB Gun team took fourth with Lane Burkel, Alex Schelske and Dana Schelske. The Junior Air Rifle team placed fifth with Alex Anderson, Samuel Hansen and Eli Fry, while the Senior Air Rifle team took third with Dana Schelske, Kenzee Schafer and Dilyn Brooks.  The Beginner Air Pistol team captured first with George Broer, Tanse Moody, Levi Hinker and Paige Anderson. The Junior Air Pistol team placed fourth with Eli Fry, Samuel Hansen and Ian Octavo, and the Senior Air Pistol team took first with Kenzee Schafer, Harley Kneen and Haeleigh Mulder. 

     In Match 2 state competition, individual results were as follows:  Shiloh Terkildsen third in Beginner CWS 112.05, Riley Kneen fourth in Junior CWS-R 147.14, Westin Hagman second in Senior CWS-R 149.13, Tanse Moody third in Beginner Air Rifle 170.01, Levi Hinker fifth in Beginner Air Rifle 136.01, George Broer fourth in Beginner Air Pistol 165.0, Harley Kneen first in Senior Air Pistol 177.0, Kenzee Schafer third in Senior Air Pistol 173.01, Haeleigh Mulder fourth in Senior Air Pistol 173.0, Dana Schelske fifth in Senior Pistol 165.0, Dilyn Brooks third in Senior 22 Rifle CMP 292.09.  In Match 2 team competition, the Senior Air Pistol team finished in first place with Harley Kneen, Kenzee Schafer and Haeleigh Mulder, and the Senior 22 Rifle 3-P team took third place with Alex Schelske, Dilyn Brooks and Dana Schelske.  The Senior 22 Rifle CMP team placed fourth with Dilyn Brooks, Alex and Dana Schelske, and the Senior 22 Pistol finished in third with Dana and Alex Schelske and Kenzee Schafer.

     In Match 3 state competition, the individuals placing were:  Dana Schelske second in Senior BB Gun 381.13, Dilyn Brooks fourth in Senior BB Gun 378.21, George Broer first in Beginner Air Pistol 174.01, Harley Kneen first in Senior Air Pistol 180.03, Kenzee Schafer third in Senior Air Pistol 176.02, and Zachary Jones fourth in Senior Air Pistol 173.02.

     Sanborn County 4-H held their 4th Annual Sanborn County Shooting Sports Award Event on November 7 at the 4-H Grounds in Forestburg. The night started with safety training for the 2022 season followed by a sandwich supper. 4-H Shooting Sports participants were recognized for their accomplishments.

     Certificates of participation for 2021 were awarded to:

     Beginners (age 8-10):  Paige Anderson:  Air Pistol, BB Gun; George Broer:  Air Pistol, BB Gun; Ty Burkel:  BB Gun; Wyatt Ettswold:  BB Gun; Camdyn Fink:  Air Pistol, BB Gun; Ramsey Fouberg:  CWS-R; Levi Hinker:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle, BB Gun; Kahle Johnson:  CWOS; Trevor Johnson:  BB Gun; Ethan McGuire:  Air Pistol, BB Gun; Carson Miller:  BB Gun; Memphis Moody:  BB Gun; Tanse Moody:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle, BB Gun, CWS-R, CWS; Baylee Rostyne:  BB Gun; Coletan Schlicht:  Air Pistol, BB Gun; SJ Schlicht:  Air Pistol, BB Gun; Shiloh Terkildsen:  CWS; and Kelly Wilson:  BB Gun, CWS-R.

     Juniors (age 11-13): Alex Anderson:  Air Rifle, BB Gun; Tyson Eddy:  CWS-R, CWOS; Parker Ettswold:  Air Rifle, BB Gun, CWS-R; Hudson Fouberg:  CWS-R; Eli Fry:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle, BB Gun, CWS-R; Rylan Grassel:  CWS, CWS-R, CWOS-R; Waverley Hagman:  CWS-R; Whitney Hagman:  CWS-R; Samuel Hansen:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle, BB Gun; Riley Kneen:  CWS-R, RWOS; Teagen Moody:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle, CWS-R; Ian Octavo:  Air Pistol; Camden Rassel:  CWS-R, RWS; Shiloh Senska:  Air Pistol, CWS-R, RWOS; Kyla Terkildsen:  CWS-R; and Cole Wilson:  BB Gun, CWS-R.

     Seniors (age 14-18):  Devyn Brooks:  BB Gun, Air Rifle, 22 3-P, 22 CMP; Dilyn Brooks:  BB Gun, Air Rifle, 22 3-P, 22 CMP; Lane Burkel:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle, BB Gun; Carter Christian:  CWS-R, CWOS-R, C-Open; Shania Cornelius:  CWS-R; Ellie Evans:  Air Pistol, CWS-R; Westin Hagman:  CWS-R, C-Open; Zachary Jones:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle, 22 Pistol; Caleb Kneen:  CWS-R, RWOS; Harley Kneen:  Air Pistol, 22 Pistol, CWS-R; Toby Kneen:  Air Pistol, CWS-R, RWS; Megan Linke:  BB Gun; Haeleigh Mulder:  Air Pistol; Emily Ohlrogge:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle; Kenzee Schafer:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle, 22 Pistol, 22 CMP; Alex Schelske:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle, BB Gun, 22 3-P, 22 Pistol, 22 CMP; Dana Schelske:  Air Pistol, Air Rifle, BB Gun, 22 3-P, 22 Pistol, 22 CMP; Isaiah Schultz:  CWS; and Evan VonEye:  CWS-R.

     Trophies and awards were handed out for Match 1, Match 2, County Shoot and the State Shoot, most of which have been previously published.  Additional awards from State Shoot were as follows:  Baylee Rostyne – Beginner BB Gun Kneeling – 2nd place; Dilyn Brooks – Senior BB Gun – Prone 2nd place, Standing 3rd place, Sitting 4th place; and Harley Kneen – Senior Air Rifle Silhouettes – 5th place. 

     Sanborn County shooters who set eight new county records over the season were recognized for their achievements.

     Our Senior shooters chosen for the National 4-H Shoot Competition in Grand Island, Nebraska were presented a gift in honor of their participation:  Harley Kneen – Air Pistol, Zachary Jones – Air Pistol, Dilyn Brooks – Air Rifle, and Dana Schelske – 22 Pistol.

Also recognized was our local shooting sports instructor who was chosen as coach for the National 4-H team:  Art Kneen - coach for the National 4-H Air Pistol team.

     Sanborn County has a special Shooting Sports Sportsman Award which is chosen by the coaches – one from all the gun participants and one from all archery participants.  Receiving this special honor for 2021 were Guns – Harley Kneen and Archery – Carter Christian.

     We recognized Art & Audrey Kneen, long time coaches for Sanborn County 4-H Shooting Sports who were inducted into the SD 4-H Shooting Sports Hall of Fame this past summer.


Past winners of Sportsman Award:

2012 – Aaron Linke (Guns)

2013 – Meghan Chada & Samantha Dean (Guns)

2014 – Brooklyn Swenson & Evan Ohlrogge (Guns)

2015 – Taylor Lindsey (Guns)

2016 – Dilyn Brooks (Guns)

2017 – Amber Schelske (Guns)

2018 – Emily Ohlrogge (Guns)

2019 – Jessie Krueger (Guns)

2020 - Alexis Kelly (Guns)

2021 - Harley Kneen (Guns) and Carter Christian (Archery)



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